My deep passion for woodworking originated more than fifty MF conducting batons that I made entirely by hand over the course of nearly five years.

From my first experiments with natural woods, moving through the use of carbon fiber and ultimately landing on custom finishes, the love and technique I placed into the creation of these batons has given each one its own personality and uniqueness; my research on balance, resistance and manufacturing techniques have always been accompanied by a poetic inspiration or a philosophical ideal, thoughts and actions that have reached their climax in the making of the latest series: Tears. Each MF baton is a small masterpiece of engineering and art, sometimes a direct expression of pure beauty, sometimes an iconic symbol of the values and ideals that guide and inspire me.


These are the five conducting batons featured in this new series. Each one is named after the emotion that shaped it; each one is the representation of a tear. Similar to each other in their shape, tears are the organic representation of the deepest yet most different emotions. This series is a tribute to the human nature in its many facets, in the concreteness of its most authentic and spontaneous manifestations, the same ones that moved the souls of the great composers in their creative act (their works, their own existences), the same ones that shape us as Maestros and dwell in us as human beings.


Planets is a MF batons series of limited edition, born from the desire to make the already well-known and widely used round handle more than special. Experimental, almost "Martian" materials, new lengths, "aerodynamic" balances, design with elegant shapes and arcane charm: these are the characteristics that make this series truly unique.

The first I present to you pays homage to our satellite, inspiring muse of countless artists: stoic and unconquerable, her candor welcomes those in need of asylum, pilgrims on imaginary journeys who, by venerating her, transfigure uncertainty into mystery.
The Second planet of the Solar System, Venus is the lady of sunrise and sunset: in this series the homage to her could not be missed. Not a simple essence, but 10 layers of fir wood with different processes embrace the rainbow chromatic range of the veins of this very particular segmented wood made by me. Lightweight and versatile, Venus has a slightly forward balance with good toe rebound; the balance of shapes, essences and weight give it absolute agility!
The Red Planet vibrates in the essence of maritime pine bark, while linseed oil enhances its rich color and vivid veins. A blue dot, like a small eye, symbolizes a pole and from its opposite comes the perfectly conical wooden shaft. This baton is 38 cm (14,96”) long and its balance is forward, like its look to the future.
The first Planet in the Solar System inspired the essence of this incredible baton: like at its surface rich in different substances, the essences of woods, glass and enamels bind together without ever blending; the result is a truly incredible balance: weight well distributed over the entire length with an excellent rebound at the tip. Personalized initials are engraved on a walnut wood inlay. Made on private commission.


Carbon fiber
Handles: olive wood, ebony, pine bark, red padouk
Shafts: carbon fiber
_0009_Prima serie2017 COVER_0008_Prima serie2017
First batons 2017
Handles: pine bark, balsa wood, beech wood
Shafts: fir wood


Handle: bois de rose
Shaft: carbon fiber
_0021_Baroccacover_0022_Barocca 1
Handle: coloured resin
Shaft: fir wood
Beech wood inlaid with cork
Handle: beech wood inlaid with cork
Shaft: carbon fiber
_0004_Riempimento generativo_0003_ULIVO-EBANO1
Olive wood and ebony
Handles: olive wood, ebony
Shafts: fir wood


Gift box with hard case