Every day, the values that inspire me shape a clear vision of the conductor I am, and the way in which I am establishing myself in the world.

Me and my profession

I am a conductor, repository of a very broad knowledge to share with the musicians and the public, a promoter of the development and spread of new musical languages; I am familiar with many international repertoires and because of my keen sensitivity, I am able to make connections and be a point of reference for the community of people orbiting a place or an event. I am both an artist who seeks the meaning of beauty and an intellectual, a Maestro who guides and leads to the artistic expression with full respect of common feeling.

Three key words: knowledge, respect, sharing


Through numerous study paths, I have learned a solid gestural technique; thanks to direct experience in the orchestra, I put my knowledge into practice and sharpen my skills; my motto is "Not even a single day without the orchestra!"; indeed, I invest a lot of resources to combine my professional commitments with constant research, following great conductors in the world's leading orchestras. During many travels, in the period of rehearsals and concerts, I meet internationally renowned musicians with whom I can compare and mature my artistic ideas; I come into contact with multiple cultures, languages and traditions, and I always widen my repertoire.

Respect and sharing

My innate listening and empathic skills allow me to approach each new production with complete respect for scores, people, places, different cultures and traditions that characterize a place or an event. Orchestras are pulsating entities, often gifted with great personality, history and important traditions that I wish to enhance through an open dialogue. I share my artistic idea and offer all the people involved my skills to create connections based on mutual trust and collaboration.

My highest goal

is to connect in order to create value through music and for the sake of collective well-being. The centrality of my role becomes an opportunity for artistic expression and fulfillment for everyone.