Myriam's musical journey began with the harp at the age of eight. She took private lessons in Taranto, as there were no music schools, orchestras, theaters or harp teachers in Crispiano, the small town in Apulia where she spent her childhood. Her love for music is innate and, unable to enjoy adequate stimulation in the bare environment where she grows up, Myriam is determined to travel to study music seriously and to get to learn from some important experiences. Thanks to her musical talent and her precocious entrepreneurial instinct, Myriam was able to create connections with other musicians, educational institutions and the local community at a very young age. Her first compositions and transcriptions for small ensembles date back to this period, when in addition to performing as a soloist, she would bring together musician friends to create music for concerts and performances for community cultural events. During her youth, Myriam attended important international masterclasses, won many national competitions and received numerous awards for her social commitment.

At the age of eighteen, she decided to move to Parma to pursue her musical studies. During her harp’s degree courses, she founded a duo, harp and viola da gamba, continuing to transcribe and arrange music from the classical and contemporary repertoire. With this duo, named MG_INC, she recorded her first album: Almost in the air: ancient instruments, new sounds; She played many concerts in Italy, France and Russia, and won the 2012 Terem Crossover Competition in St. Petersburg. Along with this duo, Myriam composed the stage music for several performances of the Teatro del Cerchio in Parma and for the audiobook La Capra Foresta.

 ALMOST IN THE AIR: ANTICHI STRUMENTI, NUOVI SUONI AP0254 - Acte Préalable, 2011. Album of MG_INC duo, Myriam Farina - harp, Guido Ponzini - viola da gamba

During the same years, Myriam assiduously studied Composition and Conducting at the Conservatory; meanwhile, she felt the desire to improve the working situation of young musicians in Italy and to promote the music of living composers. Thus, in 2013, she gave birth to the MG_INC Orchestra, the first Italian ensemble created thanks to a crowdfunding campaign.

This orchestra performed from 2013 to 2016, counting up to 52 musicians during this period. Myriam was in charge of the orchestra's musical preparation and technical organization. In its three years of flourishing activity, the MG_INC Orchestra has been the protagonist of numerous world premiere events and has become part of an international professional scene, creating collaborations and synergies with different artists and musical environments. After the debut, documented in the link above, the Orchestra performed with ULVER in a sold-out concert at the Teatro Regio in Parma. In 2015 Myriam made her debut as conductor in a concert with the MG_INC Orchestra and the American violist and composer Eyvind Kang, during the premiere of Chirality - Virginal Coordinates 2015 for the Angelica festival.

CHIRALITY – EYVIND KANG IDA 037 – 2019, Angelica Festival, Teatro Comunale di Bologna, Lugo Opera Festival, live recording: May 2015. MG_INC Orchestra with Eyvind Kang, Alan Bishop, Marco dal Pane. Myriam Farina harp and conductor (in Asa Tru).

In 2016, the MG_INC Orchestra recorded the music for the Italian singer Arisa's album Guardando il cielo, published by Warner Music.

GUARDANDO IL CIELO 5054196979423 - Warner Music Italia s.r.l. at Warner Music Group Company, 2016, Arisa with MG_INC Orchestra, harp: Myriam Farina;

In 2016, the MG_INC Orchestra recorded the music for the commercial A different story that launched Paramount Channel on channel 27 of Italian television.

The MG_INC Orchestra covered various Italian newspapers, TV and radio channels, including: Radio 24 of Il Sole 24 Ore (during the program Si può fare), La Repubblica, La Stampa, Il Fatto Quotidiano, Corriere della Sera, Amadeus; special reports were dedicated by TG1 special TV7, TG Rai1, TG Rai3 and many other music, social and news media.